PassWallet will be discontinued, to be replaced by Password Locker, a total re-design of PassWallet (think PassWallet 2.0). All your PassWallet data can be transferred to Password Locker.

To transfer PassWallet Data to Password Locker, follow the updated guide at the official FAQs page.

General Questions
1. Does PassWallet requires a monthly fee?
No. You will only need to make a one-time payment for the Android app in Google Play Store here and you can then install it into future Android devices at no extra charge.

2. Won’t using cloud sync compromises my data? How do I know you don’t have access to my app?
Your data is encrypted first and synced only to your own Dropbox or Google Drive account. Restoring the data manually or via cloud sync always require the correct Master Key. In the event that you forget your own Master Key and the Secret Answer to your Secret Question, even we will not be able to help you. That’s how secure we designed PassWallet to be.

3. I can’t log in to PassWallet after updating to Android 4.3 Jelly Bean.
An update has been released in Google Play Store. If your device is previously running on 4.2 and below but was updated to 4.3, please uninstall PassWallet first and then reinstall it again.

If you begin using PassWallet on Android 4.3 and encounter issues after updating the app, send us an email here.

1. How do I share a record?
Tap and hold on any one record and a menu of options will appear. Select ‘Share Record’.

2. I noticed that there is a floating popup but how do I enable that?
The floating popup is not a setting that needs to be enabled. To access the floating popup, simply tap on the globe icon or the double square icon. If you have saved a direct URL, tapping on the globe icon will bring you directly to that webpage.

        Floating popup

Data Import & Export
1. What is the file type that I can import into PassWallet?
PassWallet only accepts CSV files. Each CSV file must only contain one record type. For example, if you want to import your credit cards and passports details, you will need to separate them into 2 files.

2. How do I import my existing data from other apps into PassWallet?
Your CSV files must be saved to /PasswordWallet/imports which is created upon app installation. Then launch PassWallet, go to Settings and tap on Import Data under Data Management. File formatting is available under question 4.

3. Can I import a single file that contains all the records into PassWallet?
That will not be possible. Each record type must be saved into an individual CSV file. If you are importing more than 1 record type, you will need to prepare more than 1 file.

4. Can I know if there is any file format required to import into PassWallet?
Each record type has its own format. Do scroll over and click on each screenshot below to see what is required.

Web Login

Credit Card

Bank Account

Email Account


ID Document


Gift Card


Can’t find your answer? Drop us an email with subject title ‘Inquiry’ right here!

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